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Economy can be a difficult size. Studies say that not all young people manage to keep track of revenue and expenses. They make debt, borrow from family or end up in RKI.

If you, as a young person, find it difficult to get the money on, you might consider taking a loan. It’s just not always that the bank will help you – both because of your age or because you may have low income. Many young people have limited financial knowledge, so we make you wiser about 3 concepts you just need to know.

Many young people know too little about finances

The reasons why it ends up with some young people in the RKI being bad payers can be many. But it certainly has a lot to do with the fact that many young people do not know enough about economics.

The school system teaches most people to calculate and spell, but not always how a private economy is connected and what it takes to get it to run around.

It is one of the reasons why more people talk about economics coming to school. For it should be learned from a young age and is quite natural to include in the math lessons – or as an extension. That’s the number of things.

3 concepts you need to know

 3 concepts you need to know

If you are in the situation that you need a loan, because you want a new TV or lack money in the account, then there are especially three concepts you need to know about before you accept an online loan.

1. APR : Annual percentage rate stands for OPEN. The concept covers the total cost you have to pay each year, as a percentage of the total loan amount. This means that you have to keep a good eye on the number that stands at the APR, because that is what shows how expensive your loan ends up being all in all. Because even though a loan provider is tempting at a low interest rate, there may be high fees that end up making it more expensive than expected. Therefore, the APR you need is to compare providers and offers with each other.

2. Monthly benefit : The monthly benefit is the number of dollars and ears you have to pay each month to your creditor. The longer a maturity you choose, the lower the monthly benefit. But that makes the loan more expensive all in all because more interest is accrued. Therefore, you should aim for as high a monthly performance as possible.

3. Availability Amount: The availability amount is the amount you have left of your monthly income after you have paid for accommodation, food, insurance and all other overheads. It’s the size of your disposable amount that can tell you how much a service you can pay each month. But avoid pushing the economy so much that your monthly allowance may exceed your disposable amount, as it can be expensive.

It’s about finding a good balance and if you are the least in doubt, you should seek help from your parents, your bank adviser or the like.